Show Me Your Clips

I’m finally catching up after a long, productive day and trying to stay cool ~ the weather here has been crazy lately! With temperatures being 100+ lately, it makes it hard to believe my favorite time of year is right around the corner ~ Halloween!

For your viewing pleasure, here’s an episode of a web show I host called Show Me Your Clips (AKA “SMYC”). It highlights the funniest and weirdest content on the web and this is the second installment. I hope you enjoy it ~ we hope to make more episodes in the future!

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Odessa The Sea Witch

I’m glad to report that the new video game voice acting job I’ve been working on has been an absolute blast ~ sorry, the project is hush-hush! I promise I’ll tell y’all about my projects as soon as I’m allowed. Voice acting has been an amazing experience for me and I hope to work a lot more in the future!

Also, the photoshoot with Lillyxandra (JoEllen Elam) went splendidly and our photographer Greg De Stefano was great to work with again. I hope you dig this preview picture of Odessa The Sea Witch!

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New Voice Acting Gig

I’ve got some good news ~ I booked another video game voice acting project! Wahoo! I begin recording tomorrow morning and I’m so excited!

Also, I have a photoshoot this week with the lovely & talented Lillyxandra (JoEllen Elam) of Firefly Path. She’s a brilliant costume designer & makeup artist ~ I love working with her because she is passionate & endlessly creative. Here’s a picture from the Tangleweb Dridess Fairy photoshoot, one of our past collaborations.

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