Stupid For Dexter #11

The finale of Showtime’s Dexter season 5 is less than a week away and hosts Mandy Schneider & I discuss our predictions on Stupid For Dexter episode #11. We also interview stuntman & actor Rick Marcus, Peter Weller‘s stunt double and discuss villain Jordan Chase’s psychology with social worker Randy Gyorffy.

Stupid For Dexter is a weekly web show hosted by Dexter fans Mandy Schneider & I. New episodes stream live on UStream every Monday at 7 PM (PT) from the Kill Room. Each show includes episode evaluation, character analysis with a psychology professional, Dexter trivia with the King Of TV Paul Goebel, season predictions, and much more. Stupid For Dexter is produced by the Streamin’ Garage and previous episodes can be found on YouTube and Blip.

Current Obsession: the archaic smile
Current Music:
“At The End Of The Day” by Amon Tobin


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