Ugghhh…I’m so not sexy right now.

     I got sick around Christmas and stupidly neglected myself, thinking it was just the annual “winter” plague that sweeps through LA. Plus, my silly belief that I’m an indomitable viking queen is sometimes wrong. I finally went to the doctor ~ it turns out I have some crazy bronchial & sinus infection. Also, I may have a previously overlooked allergy that would warrant monthly shots. Yes, you heard me ~ shots. Every month. The stabby kind, not the ridiculous kind.

     Anyhoo…the silver lining is that I’m now on a regimen of steroids. This delights me to no end. I asked my doctor if I would get roid rage. He said no, but agreed it would be amazing to get mad, flip a table, & blame it on the juice. I love my doctor.

     On a brighter, far less plague-y note, I recently acquired more ridiculous antique furniture at an estate sale I attended between coughing spells. My favorite decor styles are Rococo, Shabby Chic, and French Whore House. Feast your eyes upon my sextastical finds:

     These nuggets of joy will go splendidly with my leopard print fainting couch. When I get better, it’s time for a yard sale ~ I need more room for gaudy things to faint upon while wearing 1980’s prom dresses. In the meantime, my kitty cat Pixie-Belle Brimley Von Snowdrop has been taking excellent care of me. Smushiness is always the best medicine.


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