I’m an actor, host, model, and voice actor. I currently live in Los Angeles.

Yes, my name really is Kat Steel. Yes, my parents have a weird sense of humor. Yes, I’m aware that it sounds like a failed porn star moniker. No, I don’t have any cool superpowers. Yes, I’m just as disappointed about this as you are.

Some of my most recent work includes several web series (Kevin Pollak’s Vamped Out, Brent Spiner’s Fresh Hell, There Will Be Brawl) and video game character voices (Ibuki in Super Street Fighter 4, Tsuruhime in Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes). I’m the co-host of Stupid For Dexter, an hour long live show on the Streamin’ Garage network. Currently, I’m working on various web series (Adventures In Science) and short film projects (Modification).

I enjoy antiquing, cosplay, gaming, and reading. I also collect vintage ball gowns, fairy tale literature, and tea cups.


One thought on “ABOUT ME

  1. I love your work on “Fresh Hell”! I watched all the episodes consecutively this weekend and have to say I was thoroughly depressed by the last episode, 2-7. You are adorable and sweet. Brent is pathetic, yet I feel so sympathetic for him. I began to believe that Levar really despised him. I was hoping that you character would break up with Brian’s “Tommy” so we’d never have to listen to him again, when of course I realized how good that character was. You are Brent’s “hope” and “optimism” made real. He can’t experience those emotions himself, so you express them for him. Sometimes it is uncomfortable being a voyeur in the lives of these characters.

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