Brent Spiner’s “Fresh Hell” Web Series Episode #1

Fresh Hell is a new comedic web series starring Brent Spiner as a mock version of himself. It is directed by Chris Ellis and written by Harry Hannigan. In the world of “Fresh Hell,” Spiner is seeking personal and professional redemption following “The Incident,” an unexplained public act that has destroyed his reputation. With the help of his strange yet well-intentioned neighbors, Spiner begins the painful process of rebuilding his career.

I play the role of Dakota, the sweet yet misguided next door neighbor who wants to be an actress. Here’s the first episode:


New Video Game Voice Acting Gig

Good news ~ I booked another video game voice acting gig and had my recording session this afternoon! It went well and I’m super geeked out about the project! As always, I gotta keep my yap shut about it…but promise to spill the beans the minute I’m allowed. To celebrate, here’s an awesome TJ (Tom Jones) Tuesday video:

++GoodGames Interview

I was interviewed by Anthony Ernst and Neal Bauer for ++GoodGames, a podcast about all things video games. Anthony & Neal were wonderful & I had so much fun chatting with them! We talked about Super Street Fighter 4, Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes, anime, manga, cosplay, D&D, voice acting, otaku culture, and everything in between. You can listen to our interview here ~ be sure to check out their archived episodes on ITunes!

The Magic Of Collecting

I recently starred in an art film called “The Magic Of Collecting” with artists Lindsay Scoggins & David Tamargo. I was filmed on a green screen and will be animated (rotoscope style a la “Cool World“). I can’t wait to share it once it’s finished! It’s an honor to work with such talented, creative individuals. Here’s “Wonderland Mafia,” Lindsay’s award winning video art piece: